well here we are again
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I am alive hi I deleted my blog actually

This post is mostly to make sure none of you worry about me! I thought Tumblr was eating too much out of my life and the easiest way to remedy that, I thought, was simply to delete my blog, but then I realized some of you might worry and if you don’t know me irl then you’ll have no way to find if I’m okay or not. I am though!

At this point you’re probably wondering about the future of my blog. I am also. I might not actually use Tumblr at all going forward. I may turn this into a personal blog, assuming I get a life. I lie; I’m actually moving to the Czech and/or Slovak Republics in a few months, and so this space could quite likely turn into a thing about my adventures there. I hadn’t mentioned this before even though I should have. I really have no idea what I’m doing. The point was to make Tumblr use up less time, so I won’t be cruising the dash, living the fandom high life posting a lot anymore.

When I decide what to do with my life blog I will let you guys know. I don’t expect anyone to refollow me, but I’ll be posting here so yeah.